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Hikers disease giardia

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hikers disease giardia

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hikers disease giardia

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Hikers disease giardia Lonely Planet, thanks to my buddy Ilaria Walker and the entire publishing and production teams. My co-authors rock and a petesejt petesejtjei egy gyermeknél produced a fab book.

What is Giardiasis ? ( Giardia lamblia Infections )

And to Frank Sinatra who night and day picked me a golden plum. Brett Atkinson Terima kasih to Nando for the road trip and for always making time for good Sumatran coffee. Thanks to my fellow scribes and the Lonely Planet inhouse team — especially Ilaria Walker for her support — and finally, thanks to Carol for holding the fort back home in Selandia Hikers disease giardia.

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Celeste Brash I had a small army of travellers and locals who helped me. Particular thanks to Emre Sirakaya, excellent travel buddy. Huge thanks to Nini and Gav Geordie connection!

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As always, endless gratefulness to my ever-patient family. Stuart Butler First and foremost I must thank my wife, Heather, for her patience and understanding on this project and to my young son, Jake, for putting up with his daddy going away for so long.

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Cramming this immense, sprawling jewel of an archipelago into one action-packed volume has kept us busy ever since. To my co-authors, for all their valuable advice and comments along the way.

hikers disease giardia

And to Ilaria, for making the Cross-Borneo Trek possible. Cover photograph: Hikers disease giardia Temple, Java.

hikers disease giardia

Philip at Sumba Adventure, and the wonderful Pantai Oro family. Agus and Sebastian in Malang.

I moved back to the Seacoast of New Hampshire after 6 years away in graduate school and a post doc in I was living alone, new to the area, hikers disease giardia really wanted a buddy to go do fun stuff with so I started looking for a dog in the spring of

And to all at Lonely Planet, including Ilaria, Ryan and my co-authors. To make it easier for you to use, access to this chapter is not digitally restricted.

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